Hemp Recipes: Recipes That Utilize the #1 Super Food on the Planet- Hemp Kindle Edition



Hemp Recipes for the #1 Super Food on the Planet

contains creative and very delicious recipes using hemp seeds and/or hemp seed oil. Hemp seeds are also known as hemp hearts.

Hemp seed is nature’s super food and a complete protein. Per gram, hemp has more digestible protein than soy; more digestible omega’s than flax and more digestible fiber than kale. Hemp is ideal for improving brain function, reducing inflammation, improving skin health, weight loss, improving immune function, plus it reduces the risk of cancer, stroke, Alzheimer’s disease, heart disease and so much more!

By including only 5 tablespoons of hemp into your daily diet, your health will improve dramatically. This book helps you in this regard by providing you with so many delicious recipes, recipes that are sure to become your favorite.

Cannabisin B 

In a study at Peking University in Beijing China, Cannabisin B, purified from hempseed, was contains considerable antiproliferative activity. The results of the study concluded that Cannabisin B prevents cell proliferation by causing autophagic cell death rather than the usual apoptosis cell death. Autophagy (self-eating) is a process of self-digestion by a cell, using enzymes. This helps maintain a homeostasis balance of cellular activity. Apoptosis (self-killing) is programmed cell death, using a process where the cell starts a chemical reaction pathway in order to kill itself.

The study further stated that Cannabisin B is a promising anti-cancer agent particularly against hepatoblastoma disease (a rare but malignant liver cancer that occurs in infants).


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