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Hempster.biz is about spreading the Gospel of Hemp. The Gospel (the Good News) about a God-given plant that can have a profound impact on humanity as we now know. The future uses of Hemp’s potential is enormous.

Hempster.biz is a one-stop online shop, with a clear focus on providing affordable hemp/CBD products from the hemp plant for the use and educational benefits of our customers. We are affiliate marketers providing legal hemp/CBD products you can safely purchase on the internet. Many products we have personally tested ourselves for our upcoming Product Review project in the near future.

Hempster searches and promotes some of today’s most Insightful informative Guest blogs advocating the Benefits of Hemp for Graceful Aging and interested In a Healthy Lifestyle.

There’s nothing more important than Well-Balanced Health. The Hempster, we believe health is one of our principal assets. Because of all the benefits that hemp offers… “Hemp can revolutionize the health of the world”. We desire that people understand why it’s important to legalize industrial hemp once again and take advantage of the benefits of hemp anti-inflammatory properties as an alternative medicine.

The Hempster wants to help eradicate the stigma of cannabis while being a source of affordable CBD products.


Hempster provides high-quality Hemp products from the hemp plants which enhances a Graceful Aging with a Healthy Lifestyle. Our products are tested and devoid of Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO).  At Hempster, we saddled ourselves with the task of providing high quality and excellent products, we adopt help from hemp in 3 perspectives:

    1. Health – A complete protein found in Nature contains Amino Acids and fatty-acids of recommended ratio of Omega 3 & 6, high protein, high fiber. Hemp seeds contain over 30% fat. They are exceptionally rich in two essential Fatty Acids, Linoleic Acid (Omega-6) and Alpha-Linoleic Acid (Omega-3).
    1. Kindness to the earth Hemp is an environmentally friendly crop most renewable resources helps heal the soil. three to Four harvests of hemp can be had in one year’s time. The hull of hemp can be used in environmental accidents. Great possibilities as a bio-fuel.
  1. Opportunity – Hemp provides Food Health, Nutrition, Personal Care, non-toxic household products, Jewelry, Hemp Wearable, Hemp Home Accessories.

Personal Insight

We strive to deliver the finest natural hemp products focused on wellness and personal care, with the added benefits of hemp-based cannabinoids along informative blogs and reading resources.

My personal experience in researching cannabis, marijuana, hemp oil began when I was first diagnosed with cancer which drove me to discover the goodness in Hemp  CBD without getting high.  I admit, my use of cannabis before then was strictly recreational.

The Prognosis Lasted 22 Months

What came with this life event was that I began researching my type of cancer trying to gain a sense of what was the treatment for it. Eventually, I found articles on hemp, cannabis, marijuana as a possible treatment for cancer. The deeper I delved into the matter, the more I became convinced that the hemp plant was the answer I needed or at least help me get through what I was tolerating from live radiation isotope implants, sessions of chemo, with 6 weeks of radiation 5 times a week. Surprisingly, I didn’t miss a single day of work, thanks to smoking a doobie immediately after treatment. Nauseous side effects evaporated when the terpenoids relaxed, uplifted me over the sickening effects of what I was about to face at the start of my workday. Ingesting Hemp Oils and Hemp Seeds with my meals definitely helped. After the full treatment was completed, I continued working full time for 3 more years before retiring.

From Patient to Advocate

Looking back over my life, I can say Medical Cannabis has saved the Hempster’s life, well-being several times.

Now in retirement, I’ve wanted to share with like-minded people, supporting senior health with affordable quality hemp products which we believe is a God-given-plant for our benefit for Grace Aging and Healthy Lifestyle.

We want to participate in the forefront to promote the hemp/cannabis revolution on a larger scale. We support the interest of sustainable hemp-based products that have a positive effect on the health of our planet. Our Team is made up of individuals who have sound experience in the industrial hemp sector. They understand the importance of having integrity in their business practices and the importance of informing anyone interested in the Benefits of Hemp.

Stay awhile,

-The Hempster

Disclosure: Some of our reviews are based on the experience of our staff and contributors and references as ProjectCBD and Wikipedia’s Glossary of Cannabis Terms.

All information, data, and material contained, presented, or provided on hempster.biz for information/educational purposes only. It is not to be construed or intended as providing medical or legal advice. Any views expressed herein are not necessarily those held by https://hempster.biz.

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